Miranda of Windfall

A dedicated servant of the Sun Goddess in a dark and blasted world.


Raised by her mother, Miranda simply assumed for most of her life that she would be raised in the fashion of her faith and carry on the traditions of her calling and her family, as generations had before.

A single night of unspeakable violence changed that.

Miranda now travels the lands of Rym as the dead rise from the grave to assault the living and the small amounts of order that have risen up from the desolation of the Ice Age are under threat. She wields her faith as both weapon and shield, and both by stubbornness and opportunity has managed to become something of a leader of the peoples she’s met and the communities she has passed through. As she and her companions close in on the last few survivors of Windfall, she stands as one of the last bastions of virtue and heroism in the world… and the linchpin in the only group that may have a chance of changing it.

As a cleric of Kij, Miranda carried the title “Beacon.” After quelling the violence and tension in Saint Duma, she has been promoted to a new rank: that of Illuminant, a rank that few may achieve in the ages after the Twilight War.

In Magdalena, Twilight acquired a new love interest in the paladin Aedos, a fellow eladrin.

Miranda of Windfall

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