The world of Rym used to a paradise, fashioned by young gods into a world of beauty and strength, virtue and love, peace and prosperity. Each of the six gods – Merran, of Water; Circ, of Air; Ixra, of Fire; Arka, of Earth; Nyx, of Darkness; and Kij, of Light – created each of their domains into worlds of unspeakable beauty and pure emotion. And in turn, each had a hand in creating Rym itself: a plane where those concepts and beliefs that the deities embodied would be able to play with and against each other. A place to claimed by each of them, and paradoxically, by none of them.

In time, the peoples and races that arose in Rym began to evolve, to develop, to invent. They mastered the gift of arcane magic, and created technologies on par with those of the gods themselves. Indeed, they even created their own god: The City Mind, the culmination of millenia of magical and technological mastery.

The City Mind, however, was alien and unknowable and devious, and mortals and deities alike were blindsided by the City Mind’s manipulation. Soon after its creation, the City Mind tricked the Creators, as the advanced races of Rym were known, into a war with their own creators. The machinery of war began moving and operating in ways never before seen in the young cosmos.

The tales and myths about that time have changed in the telling, and truth is hard to come by. What is known is that the City Mind was destroyed even as it was attaining final victory. Five of the six gods, sparing only Kij, were killed over the course of the war… either by battle, treachery, or subterfuge. Kij was gravely wounded, and left the cosmos of Rym for a time.

The conflict had come to be known as the Twilight War, for the war was so unimaginably destructive that the Creators believed that they were witnessing the last moments before the end of all things. The violence and ruin of the conflict had thrown Rym’s seasons off-kilter, had severed the connections between the realms of mortals and realms of deities, had changed geography, and had depopulated the planet. And with no gods to sustain it, the world began, very slowly, to die.

Centuries have passed. The Ice Age that followed the Twilight War has ended. Kij has returned, wounded and weakened though she is.

As new threats begin to make themselves known and new dangers threaten Rym, a small group of villagers are given the opportunity to save their world, and to lead the people of this ravaged place out of its darkness.

This campaign has its genesis in the campaign setting created by Ollie Canal, which can be found here ( This was actually the first campaign setting we played in years ago (like, that age-lost time of 2000 AD), so it was obvious that it would be a prime candidate to use when Eric and I decided to co-DM a campaign.

We ended up using it, of course, though the setting in its purest form we ended up jettisoning a huge amount of stuff. This is, as we called it, our Ultimate Comics Rym – a version with the stuff that our group would respond well to, as well as adding in some of the more compelling ideas from the 4th edition books. We think it turned out pretty well, and we hope you agree. This whole thing is dedicated to our party – Meagan Keller, Clint Crites, and Stephanie Crites.

And you guys are still banned from looking at Ollie’s page. Sorry.)__

The Dark World of Rym